Spring Grove, IL


Quality Assurance Engineer

Job Description

Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Coordinate segment specific Quality Management System (QMS) activities with customers and governing bodies
  • Coordinate change management of quality system activities to ensure compliance with requirements
  • Ensure that procedures, processes, and systems add value and contribute to company Quality
  • Ensure segment quality processes are compliant while minimizing bureaucracy
  • Ensure consistency with current company strategies and objectives
  • Coordinate with appropriate process/document owners

Specification Interpretation

  • Read and interpret complex specifications and contracts from multiple industries
  • Serve as a key authority resource for the interpretation of specifications
  • Provide guidance to regulators, customers, and industry groups

Facilitation of Core Specification Compliance

  • Ensure enterprise-wide compliance to core industry/customer specifications
  • Work with internal process owners to develop implementation project plans
  • Ensure effective implementation of process requirements
  • Enable measured reduction in compliance errors throughout the business

Review of Complex Order Requirements

  • Review industry and customer specifications/contracts
  • Ensure new order packages communicate all compliance requirements


  • Perform duties of lead auditor for internal and supplier audits
  • Host/witness 2nd and 3rd party external audits
  • Support customer witnesses and their review of company Quality System processes

Customer Communication

  • Effectively communicate with customers' sales, quality, and technical resources
  • Provide information on specification/contract requirements, manufacturing and process capabilities, and quality system-related questions/complaints
  • Support sales and process engineering in resolving segment-specific quality issues

Participate and Lead Structured Problem Solving Events

  • Identify root cause of problems and develop and implement corrective actions
  • Use and train teams in the proper use of Structured Problem Solving tools
  • Drive Corrective Action Reports (CARs) to completion

Roll out customer requirements

  • Communicate and provide training to personnel regarding execution of procedures and interpretation of specifications/drawings

Standardization of Processes

  • Facilitate standardization and clarity of practice between different process owners in multiple locations
  • Reduce redundancy in processes and procedures

Support Customer and Industry Compliance Issues

  • Communicate areas of noncompliance and lead the organization in response, customer communication, and corrective actions


  • Actively participate in efforts to establish and promote a safe and healthy work environment
  • Follow policies, programs, and procedures for the reduction and elimination of industrial accidents
  • Provide quality feedback to promote safer work behaviors and conditions

Provide plant floor level quality culture leadership enabling the teams to fully understand their quality impact

  • Train, support, and audit assigned areas ensuring education and compliance
  • Train on the use of quality tools to reduce issues and improve quality measures
  • Analyze nonconformance using existing data analysis tools
  • Develop and leverage data trending tools including Pareto Charts, Histograms, and other methods
  • Create Formal Corrective Action Reports (CARs) to resolve issues

Required Qualifications

  • BS in Engineering or Metallurgy or equivalent
  • Minimum 5 years of experience as a quality resource in a high specification environment
  • Significant experience in Structured Problem Solving
  • Good written and oral communication skills
  • Experience in reading and interpreting specifications and technical documents
  • Ability to effectively train others
  • Experience in writing procedures
  • Managerial courage at a very high level with strong team leadership skills

  • Max. file size: 300 MB.